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Spa breaks in SzczecinThe West Pomeranian region of North-west Poland has a great many attractions for tourists looking for a relaxing spa holiday or a culture rich city break.

Although the Zachodniopomorskie (West Pomeranian) region was only established as the region we see today on January 1st 1999, Szczecin, the capital, has existed as the seat of the Gryfit Dynasty, who ruled the Baltic Coast, for over 500 years,and whose Renaissance Castle, with its green domes still overlooks the town landscape today. The cemetery of the Castle is the biggest to be found in Europe. It was named after the historical region of Pomerania, although does not include the west of the area which once was historical Pomerania, which is now in modern-day Germany.The Zachodniopomorskie region is the 5th largest Viovodeship of Poland and borders with German Meklemburgia, with ferries to and from Sweden and Denmark, allowing for easy travel for road trippers and backpackers.

The region is fortunate to have several geothermal water resources, which are used in the popular health resorts such as Hotel Dozamel found in Kolobrzeg, and huge beaches by the Baltic sea. Of the many cities, festival highlights include the Viking Festival of Wolin, the Festival of the stars in Miedzyzdrose, which attracts a number of well-known actors, the summer FAMA youth arts festival in Swinoujscie and the annual sea festival in Szczecin which hosts a number of open-air events over the course of a few days.

There is also the Lake District in Zachodniopomorski which boasts several post-glacial lakes and is a must for boating, fishing and cycling for those looking for a scenic and relaxing break, and the Wolin National Park, home to many animals, most notably Bison, many of which are sent to inland Poland to keep the Parks population strictly under control.

The Zachodniopomorskie region enjoys both picturesque landscapes and trendy cities, catering for many different tastes and makes an excellent place to visit.

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