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Yacht Bay - one of many on the 2000 lakes in region.

The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship is situated in the north-east of Poland and derives its name from the two historical regions Warmia and Masuria, which now make up its area. The region is probably best noted for the two adjoined lake districts, the Mazury and Iława districts, which between them hold a staggering 2000 lakes which offer a great many opportunities for tourists seeking water sports, recreation or simply a break from their busy lives.

The capital city, Olsztyn, has the prestige of being the hometown of the first Polish death-metal band Vader and also being the home of Nicolaus Copernicus for a short time, there is a statue of Copernicus in front of thecastle of the Bishopric of Warmia. Olsztyn is also home to a Museum of Nature and Museum of Sports, although its largest museum is Museum of Warmia and Mazury, as well as the Stefan Jaracz Theatre and a Puppet Theatre.

The Warmian-Masurian is also well known for its border fortifications, the oldest of which were built by knights of the Medieval Teutonic Order, there are also castles used for Defence in the towns of Ryń and Kętrzyn. There are also German bunkers from World War II in Mamerki and also, possibly the most famous of their kind, in Wilczy Szaniec in Gierłoże where Adolf Hitler held his headquarters, known as Wolf’s Lair. The bunker in Wilczy Szaniec, at the height of its use, was complete with an airport, train station and power station. It is also where the 20 July 1944 murder attempt was made against Hitler and was unsuccessful.

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