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sopot_spaThe Pomeranian Voivodeship is situated at the most northerly point of Poland and includes the region of Kashubia at its central area. Its capital city,Gdansk, is a centuries old city established in 1236 and its port hasbeen an important European trade centre for many years. Between the 1950’s and 1960’s, due to damage sustained from the Soviet Army, the city had to rebuilt, and only became an official part of Poland after many years under German rule in 1970.In recent years it has become a centre for cultural and science for the region, hosting several open-air concerts in the shipyard.

The region is also well-known for its beach resorts, such as the popular sites in Ustka and the Hel Peninsula which cuts into the Bay of Gdansk and also has charming fishermen’s huts dating back many years.

Traditional Cottage in Kaszuby regionAnother fashionable beach resort, Sopot, is situated on the Baltic coast and is home to a 19th century wooden pier which, at 1680ft, is the longest in Europe and has sandy beaches on either side. There are also many shops and restaurants for the perfect city break as well as the 4500 seat Sopot Forest Opera House where several musical performances and festivals are held in the summer. If sightseeing is what you’re looking for, then sightseeing boats can take you from Krynica Morska across the Vistula Lagoon.

For the culturally minded tourist, the Kashubian region enjoys a wealth of historical architecture, such as a 14th century monastery and a Teutonic Knights’ castle from the 15th century, part of which now functions as a hotel. The Kashubian museum has a wonderful collection of artistic craft and both the pottery and open-air museum of Kashubian architecture are also worth seeing.

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