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Snowboarding and Skiing in Tarnica, resort for anyone from beginner to advance and extreme. The Subcarpathian Voivodeship is so named because of its close location to the Carpathian Mountains, which lends to its naturally mountainous landscape and is found in the south-eastern area of Poland. It was historically a rural region, but in 1930 the Second Polish Republic began a massive industrialisation programme which brought several armament factories to the region.

The capital of the region was previously Lwów, but as this city became part of the Soviet Union in 1945, and so the title was transferred to the city of Rzeszów, where today you can view many excellent examples of stunning architecture dating as far back as the 16th century. Highlights include the 17th century Bernardine Monastery and the 2 Synagogues east of the town square, one of which now hosts an art gallery and the other is the Rzeszów branch of the Polish State Archive. Another Bernardine Monastery, this time in Leżajsk, is home to a 17th century organ which is made up of 5,900 pipes.

In Łańcut, a stunning magnate residence can be found, built in the late 16th century and lavishly decorated, it is near to a 17th century park which is home to  an orangery and a small castle. For those interested in the history of transportation, the museum of carriages can be found in the converted stable and coach-house buildings.

The city of Przemyśl can be found close to the border of Ukraine, this close proximity and the trade that comes with it makes the city a lively an diverse place to be. The Cultural centre of south-eastern Poland, Przemyśl is believed to be approximately 1000 years old, enjoying particular success in the Renaissance period. A 14th century castle today contains a theatre and St John?s Cathedral with its mixture of Gothic and Baroque architecture is not to be missed.

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