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Mine Head Gire - Part of the Silesian LandscapeThe Silesian Voivodeship was last under the control of Poland in 1335 before changing hands several times over many centuries and did not come back into the country until after 1945 when the German population of the region were expelled and the area was reverted to the state. It is situated in the south of Poland and enjoys a booming industrial economy mainly dealing in mining metal ore and building cars.

Despite the fact that it has few rural landscaped, being a mainly urban region, it remains an interesting place to visit for those travelling in Poland. It’s industrial past makes for several historic factories which tell the story of the regions fortunes in the coal and metal trades and mines dating from the 19thcentury in which now function as underground trails, sometimes transforming old mine shafts into art galleries, as in Zabrze and tunnels into an underground boating trail like Tarnowskie Gory, which is also home to the world’s oldest working narrow gauge train.

As well as the tourist attractions left behind by the industrial towns of the region there are also a number of attractive residences which have now been transformed into deluxe hotels, the most luxurious of which are the Palace in Pszczyna and the Hunting Lodge of Promnice.

Despite the regions industrial tradition, there are also beautiful stretches of green belt around it where expanses of forest can be found for hiking and cycling as well as the Beskidy Mountains which offer 200km of ski slopes and artificial snow generators so that you can ski at any time of year.

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