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Bialowieza National ParkThe Podlaski Voivodeship is situated in the north-easterly area of Poland and has a varied landscape, having a both hilly lake districts and wide expanses of forestry to attract a variety of different holiday-makers.

The region is the least populated of the 16 regions of the country, and counts it?s almost untouched scenery as one of its main attractions.

Roughly 30% of the region is under official protection to protect its natural beauty, as a result there are National Parks  in Białowieża, Biebrza, Narew and Wigry, Landscape Parks in Knyszyń Forest, Łomża and Suwałki, 88 nature reserves, and 15 protected landscape areas. This dedication to protecting the native environment has earned Podlaskie a place in the area of Poland known as "The Green Lungs of Poland". Perhaps the Podlaskie Voivodeship can attribute its green image to the fact that it is the coldest of the Voivodeships, experiencing both long, hot summers and long, cold winters, creating suitable environments for many different kinds of plant and animal life at Polish Bison in Bialowieza National Parkdifferent times of the year. This climate is also advantageous to the growing of organic crops, which is presently practiced by approximately  100 farms in the region. More than 600 farms in Voivodeship are open to tourists.

Podlaskie has a history of diversity, having many different cultures and races inhabiting the region over the centuries, including Lithuanians, Ukrainians and Russians. As a result of this diversity there are a great many religious buildings that can be seen standing in various towns and cities of the region today such as a 17th-century synagogue in Tykocin and the oldest Polish mosque in existence which is found in Kruszyniany

Bialystok, the capital of the region, is also its biggest city, although it was once owned by the aristocratic family, the Branicki, and is now the home of a stunning palace and a labourer?s housing estate for the textile centre to be found there.

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