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Pilgrim rock formation - karkonosze mountains in PolandBeing one of the richest Voivodeships in Poland, The Lower Silesian enjoys a bustling economy and a booming population and is considered to be located nearly at the exact centre of Europe. The Voivodeship has experienced a tempestuous history, coming under the control of Czechoslovakia, Habsburg, Germany and Poland. The emblem of its capital city, Wroclaw, represents a Selesian eagle next to the Czechoslovakian Lion and St John the Baptist as a reminder of its turbulent past.

Its capital city, Wroclaw, lies on the edge of Odra River, which runs through Western Poland and along the border between Poland and Germany, and is also well known for hosting many successful festivals, The Wratislavia Cantans, has boasted a wealth of important artists, musicians and conductors from all over the world for the past 40 years. Many orchestral performances take place in The Centennial Hall, which was designed by German architect Max Berg between 1911 and 1913 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1813 War of Liberation.

Despite having few natural slopes, The Lower Silesian Voivodeship is home to a portion of the Sudetes Mountain Range, which has become popular with skiers and home to many popular ski resorts, such as Karpacz. Kudowa Zdrój, which is also within the Sudetes, is a traditional Spa town, famous for its positive effects on patients with heart problems. Other attractions include the bustle of the Capital and the famous pottery of Boleslawiec.

Whether it is the extreme sports or the relaxing spa?s that attract you to this historical and culturally rich Voivodeship, it promises to be a memorable stay for any tourist.

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