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torunThe ancient city of Torun is one of the oldest cities in Poland and was listed as one of the most important historical sites of world culture heritage in 1997, in part due to its Teutonic Castle and perhaps also to its status as the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. The city has also been awarded such titles as to be added to the seven wonders of Poland by National Geographic, the 30th most beautiful place in the world by Polska, the number one most attractive Polish city for business and one of the best cities to live in Poland by Przekrój.

The earliest date suggested by historians for the beginning of the settlement which eventually became the city is 1100BC, although it did not actually become fully fledged until the castle was built there by the Teutonic Knights between the years 1230AD and 1231AD.

Old Town TorunTorun is visited by an excess of 1 million tourists every year looking for its gothic architecture and medieval layout. The tourist industry has become increasingly important to the economy of the city in recent years, because of this, more hotels are being built, the transportation system is being improved and cultural events are being planned to draw more visitors than ever before.

Currently, one of the major attractions to be found in Torun is its numerous theatres, including two theatres for dramatic performances, two for music, two cinemas and two children’s theatres, the city also hosts an annual international theatre festival every May called “Kontakt.” There are over ten museums which tell the history of the city and the surrounding area as well as “The House of Copernicus” which commemorates the landmark work in science done by Nicolaus Copernicus. Perhaps in celebration of his work, the city is also home to a planetarium and observatory.

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