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wawel, castle, king, queen, jagello, mieszko, medieval, old, brocco, beer, tourism, cracow, krakowThe most visited city in Poland, Krakow, is only the second largest in the country behind the capital city of Warsaw, despite having a population of almost one million. It is also one of the oldest cities in the country and has been granted UNESCO world heritage status for its old city centre, where buildings of note such as St. Mary’s Church, home to the German Sculptor Veit Stoss’s magnificent alter, and Cloth Hall, a 12th century building designed for the cloth trade. Both of these buildings are found in the Main Market Square, which is the largest medieval urban centre in Europe, and enjoys a daily bugle call from the tower.

The Medieval history of the city is ever evident in the architecture of its buildings, The Barbican works not only as fortifications for the city, but also as a standalone example of architectural art, and has become a must see for many tourists entering the city every day. church, cracow, unesco, catholic, pope, visit, krakow, polandAlso not to be forgotten is the Royal Castle, with views over the whole town and a museum with a famous collection of Flemish tapestries, and the Cathedral which has seen several royal coronations and funerals of the Polish monarchy, and is now where the tombs of many of Poland’s Kings and Heroes now lie.

The city also makes a conscious effort to commemorate their Jewish history, the Kazimierz district on the outskirts of the city centre being home to the majority of the city’s Jewish population until 1939, and it is home to Poland’s oldest Synagogue, which now hosts a district museum. A festival of Jewish Culture is held in the district every June and lasts 2 months, attracting thousands of attendee’s from all over the world.

However, the city is also a bustling social centre with many bars and restaurants as well as shopping possibilities for the city-goer, and is surrounded by the Planty, a green area on the centre of the city for those looking to relax.

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