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Friday, 22 June 2012 13:24

kupaly, swietojanska, noc, kwiat, paprociIt is a Slavic festival associated with the summer solstice, celebrated during the shortest night of the year, usually from 21st to 22nd (now 23rd-24th) of June.

Noc Kupały is a feast of the elements, fire, water, sun and moon, celebrations of fertility, happiness and love.

There are very little information about young Midsummer night celebrations, due to the fact that Christian Church was trying to eradicate the feast, adopting it later to Christian St. Johns Day. But some of the traditions survived and are still celebrated.

One of the most popular traditions is jump over the flames of bonfires, ritual testing of youth bravery and faith.  Tradition says that a couple in love who fail to complete the jump is destined to split.

That night girls will wear wreaths of summer flowers on their heads, and float them later, often with lit candles on rivers, and attempt to foretell their future relationships. It is also occasion for men to capture the wreath of girl they fancy to capture her interest.

Old legend says that only during this night ferns bloom, and whoever will find the fern flower will secure himself prosperity, luck and power. Unmarried woman would enter the forests first, later followed by a young men, so often search for the fern flower will bloom with new relationships.

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