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warsaw_1The largest city in Poland and the 9th largest in the European Union, The Capital City of Warsaw is sometimes known as The Phoenix City due to the widespread damage it sustained during World War II and the determination of the Polish Citizens who rebuilt it. The turbulent history of the city is reflected in the wide variety of architectural styles which can be now seen in the skyline, although many historical buildings were lost in the 1950’s and 60’s due to urban planning, giving the city a predominantly modern look. Despite the heavy emphasis on urban development in Warsaw, there are many gardens and parks being constructed both in an attempt to cultivate greenery which can keep the air of the city clean and also to attract outside investment.

The city has a rich culture to be enjoyed by citizens and tourists alike, enjoying such events as the Warsaw Film Festival every October and the Midsummer’s Eve celebration known as Wianki where, traditionally, young girls float wreathes of herbs on the Vistula River in an attempt to find out who they will marry and when, although in recent years it has become a much more inclusive event, which such entertainment as musical concerts and fireworks.

In 2008 Warsaw was awarded a commemorative plaque which named it as The European Capital of Sport and now are constructing a 56,00 seat National Stadium to replace the 10th Anniversary Stadium in anticipation of the matches taking place in Warsaw as part of the Euro2012 football championships. The most famous of Warsaw’s football teams is Legia Warszawa, which was established in 1916 and has won the Polish Championship 8 times and the Polish Cup 13 times. Their local rivals, Polonia Warsaw, have fewer followers, but have still managed to win the Championship in 1946 and the Cup twice.


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