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poznan2Situated on the Warta River, Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland and is believed by many to be the original capital city of Poland. Found in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, of which it remains to be the capital, it is now the countries fifth biggest city. It is host to roughly 30 different trade fairs and international events and was a candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2016.

One of the most significant events which takes place in the city is the Malta Theatre Festival which takes place every June and July and consists of theatre, cinema and musical events at various venues throughout the city. There is also the “Ale Kino!” otherwise known at The International Young Audience Film Festival, which takes place in December and The Day of St. Marcin in November, which involves a procession of horses and a Parade.

The city also has a rich history, which can be viewed through the many museums open to the public, including the Archdiocese Museum, which boasts the country’s sole Anthony Van Dyck painting, The Museum of Musical Instruments, displaying a vast collection of instruments from throughout history, and The Poznan National Museum, with the leading collection of JacekMalczewski paintings. Another point of interest is the Renaissance Town Hall, found in the Old Market Square, which has been converted into the Poznan History Museum, and has a distinctive Tower where a pair of mechanical goats clash horns as the clock strokes midday.

The city is also heavily involved in soccer, its most successful team being the KKS Lech Poznań, and is hosting football games in theEuro2012 championships next year.

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