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CPolish Currency is Polish Zloty (pronounced [?zw?t?]) literally meaning "golden". Currency code is PLN. 1 Zloty is subdivided into 100 groszy .

Zloty Coins

There are 9 denominations of coins available, brass minted 1,2 and 5 groszy, cupro-nickel minted 10, 20, 50 groszy and 1 zloty and bimetallic 2 an 5 zloty. There are number of collector coins and coins with larger denominations available, they are legal tender but not in normal circulation.


Zloty Banknotes

There are 5 banknotes available in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 zlotych, from wich 200 zlotych is rarely used.


Polish Zloty (PLN) is fully convertible and well known around the world. Issuer of Polish Currencyy is Narodowy Bank Polski (eng. National Bank of Poland) (www.nbp.pl).

Currencies may be exchanged in banks and bureaux de change.

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