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Travelling by Car

Traveling by car in Poland, road trip Poland, poland road trip, driving in polandBasic Traffic rules:

Poland has right-hand traffic. Compulsory dipped headlights day and night, all year round. Fastened seatbelts are compulsory for driver and all passengers. Usage of mobile phone when driving only throught a hands-free set. Blood alcohol level is maximum 0.2 mg/l, exceeding level of 0.5 is an criminal offence and is subject to 2 years of imprisonment.

Speed Limits:

built-up area ? up to 50 km/h
outside built-up area ? up to 90 km/h
residential area ? up to 20 km/h
dual express carriageway ? up to 110 km/h
single express carriageway ? up to 100 km/h
dual carriageway with at least two lanes in each direction ? up to 100 km/h
motorway ? up to 130 km/h

Poland has very well developed road network with 6 motorways covering around 1000km. Another 1000km is currently under development due to completion before Euro 2012 football games. There are 6 motorways in Poland:

Code From-To Final lenght: Completed:
A1 Gdańsk - Gorzyczki 568km 143km
A2 Świecko (border) ? Kukuryki (border) 610km 255km
A4 Jędrzychowice (border) ? Korczowa (border) 680km 440km
A6 Kołbaskowo (border) ? Rzęśnica 29km 22km
A8 Bielany Wrocławskie ? Wrocław 35km 15km
A18 Olszyna (border) ? Krzyżowa 78km 7km(S), 71km(N)

There are charges for use of the motorways, detailed information is available on the following websites:

A1: www.autostradaa1.pl  A2: www.autostrada-a2.pl  A4: www.autostrada-a4.pl

Very usefull website of GDDKiA: www.gddkia.gov.pl allow to plan your route, check weather conditions and information about latest road repairs and closures.

Travelling by Bus

There is excellent bus coverage in Poland, allowing travellers to access remote places. Motor Transport Compny (PKS) covers most of Poland, and it is divided in separate divisions. Timetables and pricelists are available at the bus stations and at information desks. Tickets may be purchased on the bus stations or from drivers directly before the departure.

Domestic and international routes are covered by local agents.

Travelling by Traintrain travels, travel by train in poland, polish rail, polish railway, polish train, travel by rail, pkp, polskie koleje panstwowe, travel to poland by train

Rail network covers most of the cities and towns in Poland. Train operator PKP provides number of connections including express trains, intercity, family and also international connections. It's a inexpensive way to travel around Poland.

Timetables are available on the train stations and also on the website: rozklad-pkp.pl

Travelling by Plane

travel by plain, flights to poland, fly to poland, poland flights, warsaw flights, poznan flights, szczecin flights, bydgoszcz flights, krakow flights, fly to krakow, fly to warsaw, poland by air, fly to poland, airplane poland, cheap flightsPoland has few international airports located in main cities like Warsaw, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Wrocław and Krakow. Several international operators connects Poland with main citis around the globe. Budget airline ryanair.com covers most of the airports.

Domestic flights are covered by the largest Polish carrier Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT (www.lot.com) hovewer they usually not cheap.

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