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Saturday, 07 April 2012 13:20

pisankiOne of the most popular polish Easter traditions is ornamenting eggs, usually that of chicken, goose or duck, using various techniques. Tradition originates from pagan culture and it was transformed into the Christian Easter egg, hovewer it has retained much of the pagan symbolism. Unitll 12th century Catholic church forbade consumption of eggs during Easters, to distance itself from pagan roots, but eventually this ban was lifted. Pisanki now symbolize the revival of nature and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There are various techniques of egg decoration:

  • Kraszanki are made by boiling an egg in a mixture of plants and other natural products, which gives it a distinctive colour. Products used are: onion peels (brown colour); oak, alder bark or walnut nutshell (black); bark of young apple tree or marigold (golden); petals of mallow flower (violet); shoots of young rye (green); beetroot juice (pink);
  • Drapanki are made by scratching surface of previously coloured egg with a sharp tool.
  • Pisanki are created by drawing on the egg covered with a layer of wax, or draving designs with wax, and then submerging egg into dye.
  • Oklejanki are made by decorating eggs with bulrush pith or yarn.

In past, it was believed that only womans can decorate eggs, and man being inside house during the process, could bring a bad luck.

Today pisanki are hallowed on Easter Saturday, and on Easter Sunday, are shared among the family at the table, as a symbol of friendship.

Example of egg decorating by Mrs Ewa Skowysz - Muchy

Example of egg decorating by Mrs Grażyna Bukowska during XVII Regional Review "Traditional decorations of Spring and Easter"

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